Current Series 




Order of Worship 

Asbury United Methodist Church

January 23, 2022






Asbury Ringers


Call to Worship 

Whether we live in an apartment or a house or are

searching for a place to call home;

if we reside in the suburbs or the city,

God tells us to pray for the places we live.

Whether we are exiles or prisoners for the Gospel;

if we are young, old, insider, outcast,

God says, ‘when you search for Me, you will find Me.’

Whether we have been wandering and lost;

or if we have lived in the same town all our lives,

God says, ‘I will gather you from all your places

and bring you home.’




Standing on the Promises


Announcements & Prayer


The Call to Confession

Despite our foolish and angry words, God continues to speak of mercy to us. Despite our best efforts to be faithless in our living, God remains faithful in keeping the promise to forgive us and restore us to wholeness.  Let us confess our sins to God, so that God’s Hope and Grace might endure in our brokenness.



The Prayer of Confession (unison)

              God Beyond Borders, we know that on our way to worship, we may not have noticed the exiles in our neighborhoods. We admit how easy it is for us to wander down the streets of temptation, pausing at the corner of easy choices. We fall silent in the presence of those who speak words of anger and hate. We tolerate a culture that suspects all who are different from us.

              Have mercy on us, O God, for surely You take the side of justice.  Open our hearts to all the wonders You are performing in our lives. You gift us with those of other cultures, that our lives might be blessed. You send us friends out of places we least expect, that our community might be enriched. You call us to be generous with our blessings so others might be graced with the Gift of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



Assurance of Forgiveness

God challenges us, God encourages us, God confronts us, and God accepts us. God works wonders in our midst and gives us the eyes, the hearts, and the souls to see such miracles.

God forgives us, God guides us through the wilderness of the world, and God leads us home. Thanks be to God! Amen!




It Is Well with My Soul


Children’s Lesson

Presented by Amy Fox, our Director of Children and Family Ministries


Scripture Reading

I Corinthians 12:12-31


Offertory Invitation

You are invited to share online at



Praise Band: Jesus Messiah


Gospel Reading

 Luke 4:14-21



The Spirit of the Lord…




The Spirit Song